An Appeal to save a life…if possible

Further to this blog, we thank all those who contributed to the  ailing individual.
We hope your contributions has definitely helped in some way to alleviate the sufferings.
We wish you quick recovery friend.
The Goa India Internation Karaoke Group is now baptised as  India International Musical & Entertainment Group.

Mile sur mera tumhara… Woh Sur bane humara…

We were given to understand from reliable sources that a member of musical forums on facebook  “Goa India International Karaoke Group” and also at  “Here’s The Party Tonite” has been battling with cancer.

Having known this wonderful cheerful lady individual since the last one year, collaborating with musical friends, it came as a sudden shocker to realise that this gentle lady has been afflicted with cancer at a young age and a small voice awakened within us to reach out to offer financial help in whatever best possible way.

It is said many drops do make an ocean and with the same thought, we are sending out an appeal on social media, and if you can make a difference, do send in your contributions directly to the following account of the individual.  You may just keep “THE IT FAMILY” intimated of your kind gesture.

A good deed done to another can surely return with a great blessing dear sister and bro.

Take care.
Mile Sur Mera Tumhara… Woh Sur Bane Humara

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